Acorn Stairlift Features

The stairlift models offered by Acorn are made using only the best quality materials to ensure that they will last for many years with little to no maintenance. They are also built with some of the best features that you cannot always find on models from other companies. These features help to improve the safety and performance of the chair.


The stairlift is built with limit sensors that will smoothly stop the chair at the right point. These sensors work for when the lift is moving both up and down the stairs.

Braking Systems

The lift is built with both mechanical and electronic braking systems. They are standard and help to make sure that during a descent that is not controlled the user will be able to stop it themselves.

Control Options

Controlling the stairlift is easy when you have more than one way in which you can do it. There is a mechanical paddle switch on the end of each seat arms and an infrared remote control. The remote control is more commonly used when there is more than one person in the home who will need to use the lift. It will give them the option to call the chair up or down to them when they need it. The control are wireless and can be mounted to the wall.

Seat Belts

Acorn has made sure that anyone who uses their stairlifts will be safe no matter who short the journey. One of the extra safety precautions that they have taken is installing seat belts. This reel lap harness comes with each model at no charge to you.

Swivel Seat

The seat in which you sit on can swivel in any direction and will lock itself into place. This helps users to disembark and get on easily and without fear of the chair moving on them. Acorn has made sure that the lift will not move until the seat is in the proper position.

Pressure Sensitive

The stairlift has been built with five edges that will stop the lift when there is something in its way. These edges are located on the footrest and on the bottom and top of the chair. This will prevent any collisions on the stairs.