Acorn Stairlifts

Many people are unable to easily move around their home because of certain unfortunate health conditions. This condition could force someone to use a wheelchair – which prevents them from reaching the top level of their home. Or does it? The best solution to this problem are Acorn stairlifts.

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn stairlifts are a special types of motorized chair lift models sit alongside the edge of the stairs that lead to the upper level of the home. The chair uses a special quiet motor that glides along on top of a rail taking you up and down your stairs. The Acorn Stairliftsseat itself will swivel in every direction allowing you to move away from the staircase before dismounting. It is controlled by a special joystick that rests on the arm of the chair and will brake smoothly and easily when you need it to.

Each model that Acorn produces is powered by DC rechargeable batteries. These help to provide a high quality ride that is quiet, safe, and smooth. The batteries themselves are easy to maintain and can be charged through a 15 volt AC. Acorn uses this type of power supply to enable the owner to use the stairlift even when there is a power outage in their home. It is also safe because there are no wires and cables running along the floor. But in retrospect there are many different types of acorn stairlifts that are available through-out the country.

Acorn Stairlifts uk

It can often be difficult to find a stairlift that offers both a smooth and safe ride. Acorn stairlifts use a chassis roller system and a specially designed rail profile that helps to make the ride up and down both smooth and stable. These stair lifts are built with not six but eight chassis rollers that ensures a more stable contact area along the double tube rail.

There are many Acorn stairlift features that each model comes with to help make the ride easier for new owners. The chair is built with a footrest that can be folded into the chair giving others access to use the stairs like normal. An infrared control allows the person to bring the stair lift to them when it is on the opposite end of the staircase. This enables more then one person to use it.

Acorn will make both straight, curved, and outdoor stairlifts for the home. The price will vary depending on which type you need for your home and the type of accessories you would like them to come with.